Jana Lategan

Family and Relational Pastoral Care and Counselling

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I am Jana Lategan, a Pastoral Counsellor in the Stellenbosch area.

I follow a relational ethical approach to counsel individuals, couples, families and employees.

This approach is strongly focused on relationships, whether it is broken, impeded upon or uncovering the rich resources it holds.

I respect all religions and personal beliefs - I am willing to learn from every person I meet.

(CPSC registration number: 2023P00987)

What I offer

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Family Counselling

I am very passionate about families and the specific relationship between each member.

Individual Counselling

The purpose of my office, STJLL, is to provide individuals with a space to focus on their wellbeing, face their reality and take time to take care of their relationships.

Employee Facilitation / Groupwork

I am glad to work on strengthening employee relationships and implement unique values associated with your specific company to create a healthy and vibrant workplace. Or mediate important meetings and discussions.

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Hospital visits

I provide pastoral care for patients in hospital and support in their health journey and challenges.

Group Talks

I really enjoy researching interesting / important topics, provide insight and exchange life changing information

Pre-marital and Couples Counselling

I work with couples to focus on their relational realities and how to build a healthy and strong relationship.

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More about Me

I am Jana. I really like my name. It is short and starts with a J. Even though my parents chose a name which is very common these days (I think I know about 12 other Jana's), it is my favorite thing about myself.

As I am writing this I am sitting in my childhood home (in the Kalahari) as I am currently visiting my parents over the holidays. This is a very special place where a lot of challenges were overcome and memories made.

Just outside our front door is a pathway which leads to the small building where my mother used to have her kindergarten school for 25 years where 30-40 little children were being taught and helped to develop every day. And just down the road is my father's veterinary practice where he treats the dogs and cats of the town - sometimes even a stray eagle, zebra or monkey would also find their way to that buidling.

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It is in these two buildings where I have learned the most about people, family and how to serve others. While my mother was teaching so many little ones she was also serving each of their families. At my father’s practice I saw a lot of beautiful animals , some very loving and others very ill and in desperate need of care. Through him and the work he did I saw the effort and specific qualities involved in nurturing and taking care of living beings. Here, I got to witness, over and over again, the process of healing. And how beautiful it is - even when the dog or cat had to have a leg amputated or eye removed.

When I was very little I thought my father had a magic touch with the animals, that when he just kind of touched them they would heal. But as I grew older I saw that he applies knowledge and experience in the hope that the treatment he chooses may bring relief and in many cases healing.

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It was through witnessing the stories of all those families coming in and out of the yard and witnessing the proses of healing over and over again which informed my belief system and instilled hope in the contribution I can make as a pastoral care giver and counselor.

My degree MTh Clinical Pastoral Care further equipped and inspired me to work with individuals, families and more importantly relationships and relating in counseling. During my practical at the hospital I also witnessed the important role of sharing and making meaning of any reality you are facing, whether it is with the other patients in your room or a counsellor paying a visit - there is healing in relating.


- STJLL with a "J" -

Contact Info

For appointments or any questions please send an email to :

j a n a @ s t j l l . c o . z a

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Business Info

De Wagenweg Office Park, Stellenbosch

Monday to Friday

8:00 am to 5:00 pm

You can schedule a session in person or via zoom or video call

I also speak Afrikaans ;)

Raugh draft of expected timeline for Pastoral Counselling

(An attempt to give some oversight)

First Session

Follow up




  • 1h 30min
  • Get to know the counselee/ family/ counselor
  • Compile a good overview and gain insight
  • 60 min
  • 3 to 6 follow up sessions
  • Client can confirm whether follow up session is needed
  • Decide to continue with sessions or take a break
  • May advice referrals or help develop an action.

This process may vary for every person and family. The action plan may include: inviting family members/ a spouse/ a child to join sessions; continuing with individual sessions on monthly/yearly basis; finalising the counselling; referral to another option of support. The outcome, beginning and end differs for everyone.

Last message

" S T J L L " in this instance does not refer to standing still, keeping quiet and doing nothing, it is rather synonymous to “however” or “in spite of”. In Afrikaans we say “nogtans.” This is my belief, that in the midst of the challenges (sometimes chaos) in our lives there is still something we can do to cope, grow, and become stronger to live a full and authentic life. To be able to embark on a process to live a full and authentic life we do need time to be still and pay attention to our relationships, family, and what we are experiencing in our lives. This becomes authentic and valuable insight which help us to become the healthiest version of ourselves.

Working on developing healthy family relationships is the thing which add the most value to our lives. However challenging life events can impede on these relationships and they can become weary, some even broken. Taking time to be still and work with family members through these challenges can open up opportunities to cultivate healthy family relationships.

And I am here for it all!!!

I respect all religions and personal beliefs. I am open to learn from and draw inspiration from every person I meet.